When my husband Chris and I wanted to get married in 2012 we were in a bad place financially. He had just moved here from New York and was having difficulty finding a job. I had gotten divorced after a nearly 20 year marriage and during that marriage I didn't work - I had been homeschooling my children all the way from preschool to highschool. Nobody seemed to want to hire a 48 year old brilliant and charming woman who had been out of the workforce for 18 years which stunned me! Anyway, there we were poor and in love and looking for a place to get married. Being a romantic I most definitely did NOT want to do a courthouse wedding so I looked at every option in the greater Kansas City area and I couldn't find ANYTHING. I had a vision in my head about what I wanted - it had a beautiful white floral backdrop with me in my gorgeous wedding dress looking like a princess and it wouldn't cost very much to do it either. Well, this venue didn't exist. We couldn't find anyplace even remotely affordable, not to mention pretty. We went away for a weekend and found a place where we could get married that day. It was most definitely not my dream - far from it. It looked like a basement - dark and dreary and we were in our t-shirts. Right then and there I made up my mind to start my walk in wedding business so other people could have what I didn't. I had taught Catechism for many years so I found a school online and started their program to get ordained. I was able to clep out of a few classes and about a year later I earned my diploma of Ministry. Once I had that I started Your Magical Day, the first and only Walk In Wedding Chapel in Kansas City! I created the chapel I had dreamed of, which today is the White Wedding Chapel. I also added two extra options - the Sunflower Chapel for a rustic look, and the Rose Garden Room for an outdoorsy feel. I priced all of our marriage packages as low as possible so I could get our rent paid and everyone could afford to have a nice wedding. Our business has grown a lot since 2014 and we are proud of what we have accomplished. The best part, though, is seeing the look on our couples' faces as they say "I do" and the honor we feel that they chose us to share their magical day.