And They Lived Happily Ever After........... The End

Unity Candle Ceremony in the Cherub Chapel

​We can provide a unity candle for the couple to use or they may bring their own.

"The silent Cherubs in the couple's life are always there, in the background, protecting, guiding and embracing the love......."

"Twas not far she had to walk....... her beloved awaited her at the altar......... she felt the gaze of Cherubs upon her and could almost hear the angels above........."

YOUR MAGICAL DAY​tm Cherub Chapel 

The Cherub wedding chapel is where it all started for us. We noticed there were no small wedding venues or wedding chapels in Kansas City that were affordable or beautiful and we set out to make something available for people like us - people who didn't want to spend a lot on a wedding but still wanted something special. We created a smaller version of this in our townhome when we first started our business. Now we have moved into our retail location at 4321 NE Vivion Rd in Kansas City, Missouri and are thrilled to offer our couples a charming little chapel with gorgeous details that will delight. Our Chapel holds 20 guests and the backdrop is perfect for wedding photos. It features gorgeous lace, lots of flowers and greenery, grecian columns, urns, hanging wedding bells and sparkling lights. It has an outdoor "Garden" feel to it. Sconces on the walls hold candles that create a most romantic atmosphere for evening weddings - and beautiful cherubs accent the chapel bringing an elegant, old-fashioned touch. Couples absolutely SHINE when they get married in our Cherub Chapel. Booking a wedding? Come in during our walk-in hours from 12-6pm on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays to view all the fabulous details of our chapel - you have to see it in person to experience the magic. We are sure you will agree that this chapel is fit for a Princess........ or a Prince.

​Down the gilded aisle glides,​ Upon a path of petal spray,

Spread by tiny Cherub Hands, to greet me on our Wedding Day

​"A baby Cherub blessing their union that they may spend eternity in bliss.........."

"The garden of flowers smiles upon the couple filling their garden of dreams........"

Let us know what we can do to make you feel comfortable while you are here. We want this to be YOUR MAGICAL DAY​tmin every way.

​Every little girl dreams of this day..............

"Perhaps the most important Cherub of take all the well wishes, blessings and the Vows of the Couple into Eternity..............................

"The delicate pinks peek out - they can't help it - never have they seen anyone so radiant..."

*SUMMER NOTE: Our chapels can get VERY warm in the summer when we have our 20-guest weddings. We keep our air conditioner turned down below 70 degrees but many bodies in one room make it difficult for us to keep it cool. We suggest wearing short sleeves and arriving right at your appointment time so you don't have to wait too long. Please tell your guests not to arrive early - we don't want anyone to be uncomfortable, especially when the Missouri temperatures soar toward 100 degrees. Thank you for your understanding.

Get Married Today in Kansas City

"The Royal Carpet was laid in place, awaiting the delicate steps of the Princess......."

"Awwwwww. to experience such love........ what it must be like...................."

"Her beloved watched her with adoring eyes...... transfixed by her beauty....... unable to believe the luck in landing her hand........"

"A smile of encouragement and she begins her procession.......... a lifetime of dreams all carried out in a single moment....... while the Cherubs look on in love"

"The Cherub of perseverance works hard to uphold the couple and always succeeds in the end......"

​A HUGE thank you to Renee Elpert, Jennifer Elpert, Jay Elpert and my husband Chris Remington for all their tireless hard work to make this dream a reality.

"Once upon a time there was a fairy princess who dreamed about the day she would marry..... she was going to be surrounded in lace because she was so beautiful. All the flowers in the land would come to see the glorious princess - the delicate pinks.... the lady lavenders and the baby blues....... the snow white innocent flowers made room for the rest so everyone could see the princess and they gazed breathlessly at the vision they saw..............................."

​Sand Ceremony using a frame