Your Magical Day  4321 NE Vivion Rd Suite 102 Kansas City, Missouri 64119

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:                                                                  
    Q:  Can we bring in our own flowers or change the decorations?

    A:  We don't mind your bringing in fake flower arrangements, but real flowers tend           to stain our backdrops and carpeting. Therefore, we do not allow any real                       flowers or petals. We will allow different colored chair sashes to be brought in,             but the original ones need to be put back on after your ceremony.

    Q:  Can we bring in our own officiant? 
    A:  Yes

    ​Q:  We paid for more guests than ended up coming. Can we get a refund? 
    A:  No.

   Q:  Is there a limit to the number of guests we can bring?

    A:  Yes. The maximum number of guests you may bring is 16 for the Angel chapel and 40 for the White Wedding Room.

    Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

    A:  All credit and debit cards, Paypal, Paypal Credit and Cash.  You may pay over the phone, on our website or in person. If paying with cash, please bring the exact amount as we are not able to make change.

    Q:  How many witnesses do we need?

    A:  The states of Missouri & Kansas require two witnesses.

    Q:  Do you charge extra for rehearsals?

    A:  We do not charge for rehearsals at our chapel because none are required. All                 ceremonies at our chapel are short. When we travel for a Mobile Officiant                       service, we do not charge for rehearsals. We show up 30 minutes before the                   ceremony to do a quick "walk through". As we do not do super formal                               ceremonies, this is all that is generally required.

    Q:  What if I have a panic attack right on the spot and can't make it through my                   ceremony?

    A:  This wouldn't be the first time one of our couples has experienced this problem.          First, we will quietly ask if both parties consent to the marriage. If they do, we              will offer options, such as going to the other chapel to privately say vows with              no guests, or even just doing the paperwork. Couple also has the option to                      come privately, with no guests, at another time to finish saying their vows to                each other. For couples that may anticipate this problem, we highly recommend            doing your ceremony in with our low lighting, which helps ease anxiety and if              speaking out loud is an issue just let us know - we can help make your                            ceremony work regardless of the situation. We also cater to Special Needs                      couples and couples with disabilities. ere.

   Q:  Can you recommend an inexpensive place for us to have a reception?

   A:   Yes! A lot of our couples come to our chapel for a small, intimate wedding and               then invite more people for the reception. Our Event Space next to our wedding chapel can hold up to 40 guests and is fully decorated.

Q: Do we tip the wedding officiant?

A: A tip is not required and is optional, however, it is always greatly appreciated. 

   Q:   Oh NO! We made a huge mistake and realized we didn't want to get married 

          after all! Can you tear up our marriage license so it doesn't get filed?

   A:    No, we must file every marriage license that we sign. However, you may be

           able to get an annulment which is less expensive and faster than a divorce.

           To qualify for an annulment you must meet certain criteria which are the                       following: BIGAMY, UNDER AGE, KINSHIP, LACK OF CAPACITY, COMMON                    LAW MARRIAGE, DURESS or FRAUD.  Here is a link to get the paperwork filled             out by a third party:  annulment In KANSAS you need to fill out a worksheet for            the annulment which can be found HERE  Instructions for                                                  MISSOURI are HERE