​A galvanized tub with the colors of the sunrise and sunset.......... Come Autumn the Pumpkins will join in the fun.......

Sunflower Golden

Brings us together today

Sunshine blends us into one

Our Sunflower Arch is loaded with an abundance of Sunflowers, burlap flowers, butterflies and greenery; a rustic sign says "together forever" behind the arch while a burlap mat provides a casual threshold for the couple's new life together. On the window pane are pressed flowers peeking down at the gorgeous sunflowers growing underneath in their burlap bags....... Heavy duty chairs are decked out with gorgeous burlap & lace bows adding a touch of elegance. The back wall is painted a light Robin's Egg blue and the rest of the walls are Colonel White. Our guests always tell us it is even cuter in real life - the photos here really don't do it justice. One can envision a bride with barefoot sandals and a crown of flowers....... or perhaps a couple in their jeans and cowboy boots & hats - the kind of place where you feel comfortable and safe...... like when you're sitting on the edge of a creek, throwing rocks in and daydreaming about your future......  it's going to be a beautiful day...... and a MAGICAL  life.

The muted Robin's Egg Blue finds its way into the shutters.... what is behind them? A warm apple pie cooling on the ledge.....

Sunflower Chapel Designed by Jennifer Elpert

Burlap bags are a safe haven for the baby sunflower seeds to grow..... nourished and protected they are free to flourish in all of their glory..... Pressed flowers on the window panes peek out in wonder.......

​Unity Candle Ceremony - Rustic Style- we have unity candles at our chapel we let our couples use or they can bring their own.

Here is your view from the arch​ - maybe you are all alone for an extremely romantic elopement, or perhaps you have brought your closest loved ones...... the sconces on the back wall are lit at night and the beautiful burlap curtain is hand made. Above the burlap bow are garlands of sunflowers lining the tops of the walls and the rustic shutter on the right side brings everything together in perfect harmony.

​Our Rustic Sunflower Chapel reflects the latest trend in weddings - from window panes and burlap to metal & sunflowers, our Rustic Sunflower Chapel has it all. Our chapel can accommodate up to 14 guests, plus the couple. Couples loves the Sunflower Chapel - they can come barefoot or in cowboy boots - it is a casual, beautiful and very happy place to begin their life together. It is very cozy, cheerful and intimate. Lanterns and Candles are lit for evening ceremonies.  Elopements and Small Weddings are Available Here.  

​Little candles light up the Mason Jars at night

​Our Granddaughter :)

​A room with a view............

Our beautiful nature table is where we perform the very compelling sand and unity candle ceremonies. We strongly encourage our couples to include one or the other in their wedding. They add so much to the ceremony and make everything incredibly special.